With over 10 years experience Meisner-it is your perfect partner for most Security issues. After being active many years in several companies we have come across most common and non common ICT daily necessities.

Starting as a Helpdesk Engineer, assistant System Administrator, I have developed myself along the route as a Commercial specialist in this Technical World.

From 2015 - 2017 I run a Program at Microsoft Belgium increasing Microsoft Azure at Corporate Accounts by delivering dedicated Workshops in Cooperation with Microsoft Partners.

Being Self employed since 2017, I have come across many Security Solutions that have not yet
filtrated the BeNeluX markets.

These Solutions are very valuable for any industry that is dealing with sensitive data. Thinking of
the Health, Banking, Insurance and Governmental Industries, but also all other companies having sensitive issues.

I only work with Companies supporting full support and information before during and after

Please check out some of our solutions, and do not hesitate contacting us for more information.

Our Products

We are highly specialised in security products

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  • Threat & Malware elimination
  • Secure and sanitize files on the move
  • Content, Disarm and reconstruct
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  • With Zero Trust security
  • Unified cloud security platform
  • Reshaping the future of network security
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  • Continuously investigate your Wifi
  • Provide realtime Wifi Attack alerts
  • WiFi suspicious behavior Report
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